The first red pine tree is on the truck ready to transport home.Three 40 foot and two shorter red pine logs¬†have been cut and moved atop some horses behind the house for aging. The only work done on them so far is to strip the bark, put on a couple of coats of linseed oil and turpentine, and cover them. With some luck, these should be enough for all of Lion‘s spars (two each: masts, booms and gaffs)

Thanks to Stefan and Ian for the opportunity to take these beautiful specimens from Stefan’s lot in nearby Hampton.

We had some fun, and a few precarious moments, during three trips from Hampton to Stillwater, a distance of 7 miles. Thanks to the moving crews: Ian, Tyson, Nicole, Gina, Holly, Mandi, Josh, Dane, Jim, Eli, Bob, Justin, Matt, Hayden, David and Boris!

(NOTE: For latest work on the boat, check the Deck page.)

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