In addition to the usual (and some unusual) hand and power hand tools, these are the stationary tools which have been indispensable to this somewhat modern “traditional” boatbuilding process:

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Twin Cities monorail and trolley with 1/2 ton Yale 3-phase electric hoist



American Woodworking Machinery  Company, near Williamsport, PA, model No. 1  1/2, 8″ x 24″ thickness planer dating to approximately 1920. The old machinery catalog pages included in the gallery are from a great website called – highly recommended! (To easily read photos with text, click on “View full size” at bottom right of photo, then enlarge)



“Famous” 16″ jointer by Sidney Machine Tool Company, Sidney, OH, from approximately 1910.



27″ Bandsaw from a Sidney Machine Tool Company Universal Woodworker dating from approximately 1900.

Rockwell-Crescent 36″ Bandsaw from 1946


Sharpening Equipment


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