Deck arrangement is basically the same as Chapelle drew it.

The deck arrangement will be as shown in Chapelle’s Lion drawing. Above is my construction plan for the deck beam and hatch locations. Deck beams have a 4  1/2″ crown at widest beam. (That is, looking from the front or back of the boat, they will be 4 1/2 inches higher in the middle.) They will be sided 3  1/4″ (fore’n’aft dimension) and molded 3  3/4″ (height). There are 29 deck beams (one at each frame). Most of the beams will be of white ash from trees that came down on my lot during Irene (2011) and Sandy (2012). About 10, including all the “partner” beams, will be of white oak. Partner beams are those that adjoin the mast supports (mast partners) and also those fore and aft of a deck opening or hatch.

So far, the 10 oak beams are finished, ready for installation. The rest (19 ash beams) have all been cut to rough shape and planed, but the top and bottom faces still need finishing. Deck beam installation could begin at any time during or after planking, which is now ongoing. To see the latest work on the boat, check the Planking page.)

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